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The Peace Projects Another Level of Fly Shit!

It matters not about the popularity of your brand, but about what your brand stand for. I create art because it allows me to enjoy my life to the fullest. Visual Art is the best medium to tell my story. I come from a community where we may have had a poor environment, but we always had the Richest stories to tell. The stories of overcoming obstacles and adversity. stories of our ancestors creating the Universe. Out of all the struggling the we've overcome, the energy of love that bonds a struggling family is richer than money itself. Growing up from South Dallas Literally taught me how to make something from nothing. God have a unique way of providing everything I need even though I don't obtain all that I want at the moment. But like Kanye said, "Everything I'm not makes me everything I am." Art is a creative avenue for me to speak about everything that I'm not and that I am. I am in the Pilot seat.

The Peace Projects.

April 15,2018

Half and Half Creates a Whole.

This project is a Motion Graphic exploration. Exploring the art of character design and illustrations, while combining it with movie and animation technology to to create interaction Motion Comics. I plan to utilize this style for storyboarding, instrumental music graphics, cartoons, worksop tutorial & videos and more.

Welcome to a new age of creativity with NaturalBorn

Born Natural

Be Unique, Be Authentic, Be Original.

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Can’t wait to see you thrive through this new creative journey!

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