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Sequential & Concept Art

    I create sequence and concept designs with a production team in mind. My Storyboards serves the purpose of  helping authors / writers, creative groups and teams to produce a vision for how their commercial, short film, graphic novels, children books, or creative concepts can come to life through sequential illustrations. The Storyboards I produce give clarity the ways that background and characters can function together for optimal story telling. The Character Design process gives me the freedom to produce personal and client based characters that includes dynamic action scenes, and expressive, unique personalities. My characters are created in a manner that can easily be edited and modified by creative teams and pipe line productions. 


   I use creative softwares such as Photoshop, Animate CC, Storyboard Pro, as well as traditional hand drawing to map out storyboards and panels for a narrative I want to tell. From there I explore worlds and backgrounds that will set the tone for the story, and then I design characters to live in these worlds. I use a Huion Cintique Drawing tablet to execute my character design and storyboard projects.

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