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Lakeem Wilson born in 1991 from South Dallas is a practicing artist and educator, engaging in the beautification of urban environments and transformative art. Lakeem developed a style that would make him one of the most celebrated artists of his time. His work challenges the idea of diversity in the art industry, while creating remarkably expressive narratives that explores the social and economical impact of black culture.

Artist Statement

Each painting I create is concept driven and reflects a certain moral solution that I seek to speak on in society. My art practice takes on social commentary, and  critiquing perceptions of black culture. Stereotypes and myths are challenged in my work; I create a dialogue between the ideas of race, identity, social climates, and conscious thinking by addressing visual literacy in the form of cultural portraits. My work challenges the notion of social norms—making room for urban intellectuals of color who are not included in this definition.

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