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My fascination with storytelling, character design, concept art and storyboarding attracted my interest in animation. Unlike illustration and painting, animation allows me to bring artwork to life by giving it movement, personality, and a bigger purpose. I started with making short looping animation and gifs, and now my animation practice is evolving into traditional  and puppet style animation for sequences, and will eventually incorporate short films. The animation process gives me the freedom to imagine a world beyond the surface of paper and canvas and provides me with a platform to strengthen my digital art practices and explore conversations through keyframes. 


   I use creative softwares such as Photoshop, Animate CC, Storyboard Pro, as well as traditional hand drawing to map out storyboards and panels for a narrative I want to tell. From there I explore worlds and backgrounds that will set the tone for the story, and then I design characters to live in these worlds. Frame by frame I give my characters a cycle of action so that I can create seamless looping animations. 

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