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Design Foundations by Lakeem Wilson


I am Lakeem Wilson, a visual artist from Dallas Texas, and I am the founder of the creative Brand NaturalBorn Studios.

As an art director and graphic designer, I am responsible for creating innovative and compelling design solutions through a variety of different mediums (ie. Painting, Drawing, Graphic Design, Branding, and Marketing)

I lead the development of high quality creative work that pushed the culture of creativity forward. In this blog post I will share my fundamental approaches to design, while sharing examples of those elements in the artwork I create.

The purpose of this post is to share this information with in future workshops (with youth or adults) as well as to conduct corporate trainings to show companies how to use effective design as everyday solutions in their company.


The 5 Fundamentals of Design Are The Back Bone of Every Visual Medium, I'll show you how below.

1.Line 2.Shape 3.Form 4.Texture 5.Balance 6.Space 7.Color


Lines are shapes that connect 2 or more points. Lines appear frequently in design, such as drawing and illustration, and graphic elements like textures and patterns. In text compositions, they can add emphasis, divide or organize content, or even guide the viewers eye. Lines can have weight color texture and style, and these qualities in line can have a big impact on how your design/graphic is perceived. Here's an example of how I experiment with different line qualities to get different results, before adding other elements and detail.


A shape is any two-dimensional area with a recognizable boundary. This includes circles

squares, triangles, and so on. Shapes fall into two distinct categories, Geometric or regular. And organic where the shapes are more free form. Shapes are a Vital part of communicating ideas visually. They give images heft, and make them recognizable. Shapes have a surprising number of uses in every day design they can help you organize or separate content. Create simple illustrations, or just add interest to your work.

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