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What's Naturally coming for me in my career.

Updated: Apr 5, 2018

April 3, 2018|12:00am

I know that I will have a career as an artist.

This is a self realization. I understand that I can manifest what I want. I know where I stand.

I have to cause an explosion. (Not like a terrorist explosion.)

But an Intellectual and Creative explosion that will bring MASS attention to what I do as an Artist.

But first, I need enough gas to cause an explosion, and it must be perfect timing.

Meaning I plan to have everything in right alignment for it all to work out. Activation is key.

I know who I am, I know what I can create. If I speak it, Booom! It comes into being .

But before action I must have order, balance, and understanding of LAW.

I am LAW. Literally, Lakeem Ali Wilson.

But I am not above the law.

I have to legitimize my name and my brand.

I will Invest in a LLC, so that my brand name becomes my biggest investment.

NaturalBorn Studios LLC

Fill out the paperwork, pay for it, and get it legal.

I must find balance between creativity and business, (and creatively engage business into everyday life.)

With balance comes confidence. With confidence comes style and identity.

I have a Natural way of doing things.

There's Power in my creativity ,and with power comes prosperity.

If I move with power and confidence I will become a driving force.

I can only power up with positive energy, so I must eliminate all negative energy.

I control my own will.

Which direction I am heading in?

What's the purpose of having drive If I don't have direction?

I don't need google maps or a GPS system, I can just visualize where I see myself.

Visualizing things that I have the will to do gives me the energy to carry it out.

I will visualize that the things that I want to get off the ground are already happening.

Imagination helps. I have a clear image of my goals. I can paint a perfect picture. Literally.

(In fact I often put my goals in paintings & illustrations just so I can See how they look in a manifested state.)

Once I visualize it, I will write down.

I will write everything in the course of action of how I'm going to do it.

I will also add affirmations as fuel to the fire. I will write as if it's already happening.

And I Spoke it into existence.

I am just waiting for time to catch up.

Since time haven't caught up to me yet, I will dream about it all.

In my dream I'll just plant an explosive seeds of thought into the middle of the universe.

The potential of my dreams will become so filled with light and clarity that when I wake up,

Booom! Chronic Perfection.

My dreams will become reality.

Everybody will know about NaturalBorn.


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I can’t wait to see you explode and blossom and confirm all of your affirmations!!! You are an artist who is finna change the way people think, communicate and create!

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