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Top 7 most important things you can do as a creative entrepreneur.

I made a promise to myself that I will be free from systematic oppression and working for "A boss". On January 1st 2018, I decided that I will be my own boss and take steps to learn what it means to be a full time creative entrepreneur and artist. I'm just about 5 months in; the road have been bumpy, HOWEVER, I must say, "Freedom feels GREAT. No lie! Freedom feels like discovering your true self for the first time; you naturally grow into your destiny at God's Speed. On my journey I've learned a few important things that I think every entrepreneur should consider on their journey to freedom. I have a lot to share, but since 7 is my lucky number, this is my Top 7 most important things you can do as a creative entrepreneur. Leave a comment, Let me know what you think and some advice you would like to piggy back on or add...

1. Create A Workspace. You must create a sacred space where you make your art and practice your craft. You can call it your "Mind Zone" Create/Find a consistent place where you can be your higher self.

2. Clean Your Workspace. How you organize your space is a reflection of how organized your mind is. A clear workspace allows you to free your mind. When you free your mind you can slow down time and tap into the divine.

3. Work On A Project. Everything you make is just practice until you transform it into a project. The journey of creating a project will help transform your practice to practical elements of a bigger picture. Think of what type of project you want to showcase to those who know you the best. Or think of a project that you want to show the world.

4.Take Risk. Don't be a slave to your corporate job. The world is your playground. Put yourself in the position to receive success from your art, craft, and passion. If you're on the edge about quitting your job and you're reading this... "Quit Your Job" and take control of your life, don't be afraid God got you.

5.Take Care Of Business. You must learn how to work with numbers. If you don't someone will work your numbers for you. Give a value to yourself and prioritize those who want to invest in you at the value you've set for yourself. Don's sell yourself short. Know your worth.

6.Tell Your Story. Art is most successful when you're able to provide people with a message. Your personal story is often time the most valuable story and message that you have to tell. Find balance between your past present and future self. Tell your story as if everything you want to manifest is happening right now and only getting better.

7. Keep Faith Over Fear. Faith creates opportunities, Fear creates obstacles. Fear is natural, but you must have faith that you can (and will) overcome all obstacles that comes your way. Have no fear. As an artist you can solve problems in creative ways.


It's Free to Think Rich. Your mindset is either your enemy or your road dog. Just because you're not physically rich yet doesn't mean you can't think as if you're rich. Build a solid foundation for your future by spreading love, thinking wealthy, living healthy, and being happy.

Words from The Wise

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“Fear creates obstacles, faith creates opportunities “ a powerful quote from a powerful post!! It’s a good reminder to center in and focus on the higher purpose, one with guidance and open doors, rather than living in anxiety day to day, worries about thing you might not be able to control. That point resonates with me and anyone going through changes and transformations.

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