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The Road To Consistency

Affirmation Dialogue, Thinking and Speaking in first person.

(The word I is interchangeable with You. When I'm speaking to "I" I'm speaking to you as well.)

I want to start off by saying THINK UNLIMITED, THINK UNLIMITED, THINK UNLIMITED. BE CONSISTENT, CONSISTENCY, CONSISTENCY. I understand that in order to reach success I must discipline myself and consciously correct my bad habits. I realize that affirmations helps with action, so I will type this blog in the form of an affirmation. I was reading the book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People before typing this so if you've read that book then some of my dialogue may sound familiar. If you have not read the book, I highly recommend it.

On my road to self wealth, self love, self realization and self actualization, I will not let my circle of concerns over power my circle of influences. Focusing on the things I'm influenced by will bring results much faster than focusing on my concerns. Life is like a dance. I have to stay on beat and keep up with the tempo I've created for myself. I am the master of the tempo of my day and will dance to the list of things that I have todo. I am taking out the time to do what I love because I love what I do. Love is a verb not a feeling, it's a value that is actualized through my actions. I am on a personal journey, I won't continue to look outside of myself to find love and affection from others. I can find what I'm searching for within. To be more proactive I will consistently focus my efforts and energy on the things that I am influenced by. I understand the nature of proactive people is positive, enlarging, and magnifying. Being a proactive person will cause my circle of influence to expand. I have proactive initiatives and intentions to change any negative circumstances I'm faced with.

I refuse to be a reactive person. Reactive people live in their circle of concerns. I will not focus on the weaknesses of other people and ponder on the problems of the environments that I have no control over. Reactive people tend to live in the feelings of victimization and they have a blaming and accusing attitude. I won't use reactive language, instead I will give my attention to things that I can actually do something about. I understand that if I live in my circle of concerns I empower the things with in it to control me. I am the master of myself and I am in control of my reactions, choices, and emotions. Living in my circle of concerns limits the possibilities of me successfully completing task. I have faith that as I work towards my influences, the solutions to my concerns will present themselves and I will act on them accordingly. I will avoid lingering in feelings of helplessness and unworthiness. I will continue to dance to the music of opportunity and move to the tempo of positivity and success.

When I consistently give my energy to the things I am influenced by it creates the best solutions to positively changing my conditions. Changing any reactive language, attitudes, and bad habits are the firs steps to solving my concerns. I am learning to analyze instead of criticize people and situations. I have to "Be". Be wise, Be loving, Be aware, Be discipline, Be patient, Be who I want to become. My character and personality is a reflection of my ability to manifest successful. Anytime I think that the problem is "out there" that thought is the problem. I will not let what's "out there" control what is within me. I can be more effective to society if I choose to live from the inside out. I will think about being more instead of having more. I am responsible for who and what I am. What I have or don't have is just a branch of who I am. I am the entire tree, not just the branches of myself. The most positive way for me to chance a negative situation is by being proactive. I can be a better student to life, I can be more patient, I can be a better listener, I have the choice to be happy instead of depressed. In some situations I must except the things that I can't change and focus my energy on the things that I have control over. Be Elevated and Manifest Success.

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