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The First 3 steps to Being Elevated And Manifesting Success

My brand motto and character for NaturalBorn Studios is BEAMS to Be Elevated And Manifest Success. I discovered that before you can elevate yourself, you must define what success mean to you. In this blog I will share with you the very best ideas for being elevated, and achieving success and personal wealth.

Success is not an accident, there are principles that you can follow that will make you successful. Success is the result of doing certain specific things, (The Cause) over and over again, in effect you will begin to get new results and rewards that successful people receive. These principles are simple and fairly easy to apply. These principles have been tested and proven over and over again and it will work for you if you study them and apply them in your own life. The Law of cause-and-effect is simple yet powerful.

There are 21 secrets of Being Elevated And Manifesting Success. In this blog I will share the first 3, and in my next future 7 blogs I will gradually reveal the rest, so subscribe to my website to stay updated on all the gems. The good news is that you can learn all of these principles by practice and repetition over and over again until it become as natural to you as breathing in and breathing out. Just as you have learned to ride a bike or drive a car you can learn the secrets of Being Elevated And Manifesting Success and apply them in your life. There are no limits except the limits that you placed on yourself. (I will speak in first person in this blog because ultimately I am typing this as an Affirmation to develop my own wealth language.) As you are reading imagine that you are already successful and this blog is just an confirmation of what you already know and practice.

1. Imagine That. My first secret of success is simple, I Dream Big Dreams and allow myself to believe my dreams. I allow myself to imagine and fantasize about the kind of life I would like to live and the kind of money I would like to earn and have in my bank account. I imagine I have no limitations on what I can be, have, or do in life. I imagine that I have all the time, all the money, all the education, all the experience, all the friends, all the contacts, all the resources, and everything I need to achieve anything I really want in life. My potential is completely unlimited and I am creating the life that I want for myself and my family. I practice what is called “back from the future thinking a powerful technique used regularly by high-performing men and women in every field. This method has an amazing effect on the way I think and what I do. I project myself forward five years in my minds eye. I imagine five years have past and that my life is now perfect in every respect. I IMAGINE what it look like, what I am doing, where I am working, how much money I have in the bank, what kind of a lifestyle I live, and what I have in a perfect life in every respect. I create a clear vision for myself for the long term future, the more clear I make my vision of health, happiness, and prosperity the faster I move toward it.I CREATE a clear mental picture of where I am going in life, which allow me to be more positive, more motivated and more determined to make it a reality. I TRIGGER my natural creativity and I start to come up with idea after idea to help me make my vision come true. I always tend to move in the direction of my dominant dreams, images, and visions. So the very act of allowing myself to dream big dreams actually raises my self-esteem and causes me to like and respect myself even more. Dreaming big dreams improves my self-conscious, and increases my level of self-confidence.There is something about dreams and visions of the future that is exciting and it stimulates me to do and be better than I’ve ever been before. Here’s a great question I ask and answer over and over again. What’s One thing would I dare to dream if I knew I could not fail? If I were absolutely guaranteed a success in any one thing in life large or small short term or long term what would it be? What is one great thing I would dare to dream if I knew I could not fail? I then write it down and begin imagining that I have achieved this one great goal already. Then I look back to where I am today and ask myself, What will I do to get to where I want go? What steps do I have to take? What do I have changed in my life? What will I get into or get out of? Who would I be with? Who would I no longer be with? If my life was perfect in every respect, what would it look like? What is it that I would do differently if I had no limitations? I will take the first step today.

Dreaming big dreams is the starting point of achieving the goal of Being Elevated And Manifesting Success. One reason that people never succeed is because it never occurs to them that they can do it. They never elevate their mind, as a result they never try, they never get started, they continue to go around in financial circles, spending what they earn and remain in low level thinking. But I dream big dreams about financial success. I am changing the way I see myself and my life. I do different things and gradually the whole direction of my life is changing for the better. Dreaming big dreams is my starting point of Being Elevated And Manifesting Success, and becoming a self-made millionaire.

2. I Develop a clear sense of direction. This is where I take my dreams out of the elevated phase and I crystallized them into clear specifically written goals. We become what we think about most of the time. Two factors that determine what happens to me in life more than anything else are what I think about, and how I think about it most of the time. As a successful person, I think about my goal most of the time, as a result I continue moving toward my goals and my goals are moving towards me. Whatever I think about most of the time grows and increases in my life. If I talk about, and visualize my goals I accomplish far far more than the average person who is usually thinking and talking about their worries and problems. By visualizing my goals, I’m trying to accomplish far far more than the average person who is usually thinking and talking about their worries and problems most of the time.

An exercise I like todo is write the word “GOALS” at the top of a sheet of paper, write today’s date, then make a list of 10 goals that I would like to achieve over the next 12 months. I write my goals in the present tense as if the year has passed and I have already achieved them. I begin each goal with the word “I” to make it personal to me, for example I write “I earn...I have... I drive... I weigh...” and so on. By making out a list of 10 goals for myself for this coming year I am moving myself in the top 3% of adults in our society. The sad fact is it 97% of adults have never made a list of goals in their entire lives. Then I go over my list of 10 goals, and I ask myself this key question, “Which one goal, if I were to achieve it right now, will have a greatest positive impact on my life?” Whatever I answer to that question I circle that goal and make it my number one most important goal for the future. I set a deadline, make a plan, give action on my plan, and then I do something every day that moves me towards my greatest goal. I talk about this goal all the time, talk about how I can achieve this goal, I talk about all the different things that I can do to make this goal a reality. This powerful exercise stimulates my creativity, increase my energy, and unlock my potential for goal achievement.

3. BEAMS secret number three, I see myself as self-employed, and I except complete 100% responsibility for everything I am and everything I’ll ever be. I refuse to make excuses or to blame other people for my problems or shortcomings. I don’t complain about things in my life I’m not happy about, and I refused to criticize other people for anything I am responsible for. If it’s something in my life that I don’t like it’s up to me to do something about it, I am in charge. I see myself as self-employed no matter who signs my paychecks.The Biggest mistake I could ever make is to think that I work for anyone else other than myself. I am always self-employed, and I am always the president of my own personal services corporation no matter where I might be working at the moment. When I see myself as self-employed I develop the entrepreneur mentality of a highly independent, self responsible, starting individual. Instead of waiting for things to happen I make things happen. I see myself as the boss of my own life, I see myself as completely in charge of my physical health, my financial well-being, my career, my relationships, my home, my car, and every element of my existence.

This is the mindset of The Beamers, and my NaturalBorn personality. As a self responsible person, I am intensely results oriented. I take high levels of initiative, I volunteer for important assignments and I rarely shy away from more responsibility. As a results I am often the most valuable and respected person in organizations, groups, and communities. I continually prepare myself for a position of higher authority and responsibility in the future. And you should do the same.

This is just the firs 3 of the 21 secrets of Being Elevated And Manifesting Success. If you like what you’ve read so far please subscribe to my email list on my website I will be writing the next 18 secrets in upcoming blog post and I’d love to keep you updated as I release them.

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Thanks For Reading, and Stay Tuned For More!


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