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Set up your creative workspace for success.

I've decided to try something new. NaturalBorn Studios is now building a visual presence on Youtube. I want to bring my audience into my creative studio and show you guys how I organize my space and work through my artistic process. As a professional Illustrator, Artist, and Entrepreneur, I want to use this platform to provide tips and advice for aspiring artist and entrepreneurs to learn some new things that I wish I knew before starting my creative journey. I am also working on developing more consistent and creative habits to build a more solid structure for myself as an artist. Observing my body language, how I speak, and how I teach on video helps me learn and get better with public speaking. If you like this video, feel free to push the like and subscribe button to stay tuned for more content (art tutorials, advice on entrepreneurship, video blogs, and creative advice.)



Tips Tools and Advice from NaturalBorn Studios.

You are a Professional

The time is now to work towards being a professional. No matter the field you're in, it's important that you thrive to be a professional in the industry that you want to be in. The first step to being a professional is by consistently thinking like a professional would. Since my field is Fine Art and Illustration, my mindset and practice is one of a professional artist.

Secondly, you must do research on people who are thriving in the industry that you want to be in. There's no need to try and reinvent the wheel, observe how successful people conduct themselves and problem solve. Once you become acquainted with key mannerisms (how they act), vocabularies (how they speak), and work ethics (how they produce work) try applying those same identities to yourself. For example, a few visual artist that I look up to are Kadir Nelson, Norman Rockwell, Ernie Barnes, Deborah Roberts, The Artist Ceaux from New Orleans, Justin Bua and Alfred Neuman, just to name a few. Since I'm inspired in different ways by all of these artist, I always have them around as a reference and inspiration in my work by either having a book by them near by, having their website bookmarked, following them on social media, or even taking chances to see them in person when I have the opportunity to. The best way to grow as an artist or as a professional is to visualize yourself in action doing what professionals do.


Plan Your Work and Work your Plans

An effective way to plan your work is by dedicating a specific space for yourself to brainstorm. I like to plan my work at my studio space where I create so that I can take action on the plans while the ideas are fresh on my mind. For some people it's effective for them to be at a local coffee shop, or Starbucks, or being outside in nature with fresh air. Wherever is best for you to plan your work, just be sure that you have a plan that's obtainable, and measurable. Try giving yourself deadlines on working the plans you've created for yourself. Lately, i've been writing out the things I plan to do with a check box next to them, then I'll set an alarm with that plan attached to it as a friendly reminder to get on it. Personally I am still working on getting better with that strategy, but the main idea is staying consistent with completing your plans that you create for yourself. If you get into a successful habit of literally writing down the thing you want to do as plans (big and small) and actively working on and completing your plans, you will find that you can productively get a lot of things done with in the time span of a week, or a few days, or even a few hours. The topic in my video is valuable because when it comes to actually sitting down and working on the plans you assigned yourself, having your workspace setup for an easy production flow is motivation to get things done.

Recap on how to set up your creative workspace for success.

1. Always keep your desk and work space clean and clear.

2. Arrange your tool in the order that you use them in your creative process.

3. Follow a consistent creative process and do it often.

If you made it this far I appreciate your viewership and support. Stay tuned for more to come by NaturaBorn Studios.

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Plan your work and work your plans! I never thought about my brain storming and work professionally in my space. Those are some fresh tips!!

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