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Scattered Mind. Stay Focused. Your thoughts are puzzle pieces that you must find.

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Wednesday, March 28, 2018. @ 2:50AM

Side Note: An avenue of wealth is teaching. How do you teach?

You have everything you need, what are you doing with it? You also have everything you don't need, what are you doing with it? Which needs do we give most of our attention to?

Everything either gives life or takes life from us.

Your thoughts are either giving you life or taking life away from you.

Your decisions are either giving you life or taking life from you.

Your actions either give you life or takes life away from you.

Are you choosing to LiveAlive? or choosing to live lifeless?

How do you learn your lessons? They say a hard head makes a soft ass; does that mean a soft head makes a hard ass? Some people prefer the hard way, some prefer with ease.

Only when we are under pressure is when we beg and please.

Do God have to steer you left in order to get you right? If the right way was harder would you put up a fight?

Can a bird really learn to fly if it's afraid of heights?

Life is nothing but perception. It's always either day or night. Everything in between is just a perception of the two. What if everyone slept during the day and worked during the night?

One thing that I know that's a Universal truth is you can't be an adult without first being a youth.

What if Trees are God?

A seed can't be a tree if it never sprouts its roots.

As seeds we grow through darkness to receive the reward of light.

Seeing light for the first time is like a small plant breaking from underground. The new plant don't have the same wisdom as the tree that has always been around. That wise tree is the one who dropped you down to the ground.

What if God is Water?

Have you prepared your ship to float?

Understand that on raining days and stormy nights God is just watering your ground. You may live a better life if you dance to the water sounds.

The Sun knows that potential is like a billion matches grouped together; all it need is 1 spark.

The Moon know the only way to understand light is if you learn to live in the dark.

What do you do with the things that God give you?

Will you have the ability to respond when God gives you responsibility?

Sometimes I have a scattered mind.

But I understand that God sometimes speak through the vibrations that rhymes.

I must understand that writing down my thoughts and questions is not a waste of time.

And overstand that sharing my thoughts and questions connects me to the divine.

Never feel ashamed for having a scattered mind.

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Mar 28, 2018

Your question are thought provoking and motivational. Your posts are relatable but help me grow and think deeper about spirituality, purpose, and creativity. Keep posting gems!! <3

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