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NaturalBorn. Align your intentions with the principles of Nature.

I Love that I can Be ; as deep or as shallow as I want to be on my blog. So on this post, I choose to dive deep like Infinite waters. I don't mind if no one relates, but I hope that someone do. For I understand that I am the master of what I think, and I control what I do. I aspire to inspire the "Thought Leaders" of our generation; this blog post is for you. This blog will resinate and find the right people at the perfect time. These are affirmations and thoughts that came to my mind on December 22, 2017

(Disclaimer, there may be grammatical errors and made up words. This is a flow of my thoughts and not an academic essay.)

(Note: "I" ,"You" and "God"; as well as "is","are" and "am" are all interchangeable)

I Represent Cosmic Principle.

I am a cosmic principle of illumination, enlightenment, cosmic consciousness, and transcendental state. I am the inner most soul being of mankind. I hear, see,talk, create, and self reflect. I am the consciousness within me that enables me to think and say I. As an element of my cosmic mind, I am the central creative mind of the universe nucleated in unity. As I observe nature, I analyze that human nature is/are the only beings who have become self aware and have the will power to think and say I. Nature thinks, feels, and have emotions, but it doesn't use its i-dentity to self reflect upon itself so deeply that it can come up with its own i-deas. This is why human nature is so creative. It's because we are Self Conscious; conscious of God within self. Creativity is a direct reflection of consciousness, and God is the ultimate creator.

In the consciousness of human nature and the central creative mind, the energy of the uni-verse is nucleated in union. My inner world and outer world are one. Take something you are experiencing outside yourself, and balance it within. You can only create your own opposites within. This is what prayer and meditation does when guided both by the heart and the mind. Align your intentions with nature and its principles. Be the nucleus; find balance in opposites, (the positive and negative). When you feel your center; in that moment you are feeling the center of the universe. (Imagine Saturn's rings gravitating around the forcefield of you as a planetary energy.) Make your intentions pure, put your heart in the right place, align yourself with the naturalborn energy of the Uni-verse.

(Reflect on "ing") As the navigator of my life, it is in my capacity that I am King. I am a power that know and create things. I am a power that thinks. Everything has been thought of from my mind and projected onto reality. In order for a "thing" to exist, it has to come out of the motion of the mind. (For if I didn't exist, nothing would exist in my reality.) There for I will embody it and shape it into an object. My I (eye) is the King of my consciousness. It both thinks and know. I am self awareness, self reflection, and I am consciousness. I am the one who can; just as the uni-verse did. I am the one who know what is best. I am King.

You can achieve knowledge only by observing 2 sides of one (the manifested and un-manifested) God is infinite unity; our ability to perceive consciousness as a whole. The consciousness of unity is divine. You can't have the many separated from the one. (Number Theory) All numbers are born from 1,2, and 3. The idea of good and evil is relative to comparison of perception, (which came first and which came second? What came after?). Creation is a tree. God is nothing out of which everything arise. God is the energy and the essence of being. God has not fallen out of unity. So you can't compare God to anything to prove that he/she exist. God is an invisible unity who provide the seed of the tree of life. (I, You, and God are interchangeable)

Go into your dark emotions and you will find enlightenment. Live within you're most enlightened self and you will expose darkness. Strive for unity. Energy and matter are duality trying to become one. Be unity conscious. You will find yourself within yourself. The microcosm is reflecting itself within the macro verse. Don't be afraid to live and don't live afraid to die, for it's all a cycle of being. Be Natural. Align your intentions with the principles of Nature.

Peace and Light,

Lakeem Wilson

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This was supper interesting! I read it like 3 or 4 times interchanging the I with God, and that blew me away. Being one with God has a lot to do with being one in yourself, the unity you wrote about. Finding balance, within yourself, your spirit, your consciousness, and like the previous comment mentioned, not sacrificing integrity for attention. All of these were things that can be manifested in life to reach our purpose! So thank you for bringing these forward. I enjoyed the part that spoke to God being the ultimate creator, so being self-conscious, having God within you, only makes you more creative and in tune with the creation. Something huge I'll take away from this is…


The other gem that resonates with me is the comment about "never sacrifice your integrity for attention". MANNNNN that's a word right there! My daily battle! Like, I see what others are doing for attention/fame/likes and I could easily duplicate and master that behavior but something inside of me is bigger than that. I want to make silly videos and post my (beautiful) ass all over Instagram but something co tiniest to hold me back. Lol Understanding that I have so muvh more to offer silences my more secular self and desires.


Beautiful. Everything was/is on point! I especially like what you have to say about enlightenment and darkness. "When you live an enlightened life, you expose darkness". This is being true. I've found that often when I am unapologetically myself, acting in a way that's outside of "the norm", people look at me in a strange way and question my behavior or tell me something about why I am behaving in such a manner that makes me feel EXPOSED. Now I understand that to be disinhibited, you have to live beyond social norms and to be beyond social norms you have to know a hidden truth... You have to had walked into the darkness to discover what others don't know. So…

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