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Get Your Shit Together

I was going through a rough time in life, and I decided to write this as a self reflection. It's titled "Get Your Shit Together" The story is about Kalvinn, a fictional character I made up who's illustrated on the picture above. He's going through a phase in life where he's trying to figure things out. He's a King, but sometimes reality blinds him from seeing his true worth.

Get your Shit together.

By Lakeem Wilson

Get your shit together. Get your shit together.

You're running out of time it's now or never.

Get your shit together. Get your shit together.

You gotta get up on your grind before you get stuck forever.

Your job just pay you enough for you to stay.

You only work hard enough just to get paid.

You've been running all day, but you in the same place,

when will you realize that you're in a rat race?

When you clock into work you're forced to put a smile on your face,

knowing damn well that you're in a sunken place.

The system got you stuck in debt with a high interest rate.

If you make the wrong move then you're put in check mate.

You never save your money cause you gotta get high.

You try to turn corners when the police ride by.

Your driver's license is expired, and you're always tired.

You don't see a way out and you never talk to GOD.

You just a young black man, caught up in the system.

Your mama try to tell you but you never really listen.

If you don't change your ways might be stuck forever.

So I'm just here to tell you brother.Get your shit together.

You been thinking hard lately in search for your soul.

You met a wise man who turn lead into gold.

He said you're born to be a King, you just gotta take control.

You can start a new chapter, but in this chapter be bold.

Change the way you see as the story unfold.

How can you control your vehicle if you can't see the road?

GOD want to see you show up, Give him your time.

Good and Bad comes with living, it teaches the mind.

Don't be afraid to live, don't be afraid to die.

Don't be afraid of truth, even if it makes you cry.

When the world is pulling you down you must teach yourself to fly.

When your vision is unclear seek wisdom from your 3rd eye.

Listen to the wise with open ears and mind.

Understand the value of utilizing your time.

You were a slave until you realized being a King is better.

No more wasting time, get your shit together.

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