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Creative Publishing Project Dallas. Book Making Workshop. By Lakeem Wilson

Life is about cataloging your collections to pass on to the next generation.

Organizing allows us to move in a good orderly direction. Sometimes we naturally get distracted by life's demands and work schedules, however, when we focus our intentions on organizing our choices, we find solutions to every obstacle that comes our way.

At NaturalBorn Studios, we believe that the next generation of thinkers needs the best tools and education that will prepare them to be competitive in the world market place. With our Beams Initiative Program, we will teach a 5 day Workshop for the next generation of thinkers between ages 15 - 25. Our program will teach foundation skills on the topics if Branding, Education, Art, Marketing, and Social Skills.

Stay tuned for our next blog where we explaining how BEAMS Initiative will directly help kids in black and brown communities such as South Dallas, and other urban communities.

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