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Pink | Hidden Language

Pink | Hidden Language

11" x 14"

Acrylic on Canvas


Let me tell you 'bout this piece called "Pink",
Where hidden messages make you stop and think.

A young black queen with braids so tight,
Rocking her style, shining bright in the light.

Pink's her vibe, from head to toe,
With braids so fly, she steals the show.

Each twist and turn tells a story untold,
In the language of braids, her tale unfolds.

Melanin poppin', she's a vision of grace,
In this Hidden Language, she finds her place.
With every braid, a message is sent,
Empowering, uplifting, her strength is immense.


So take a look, let the artwork speak,
In "Pink", her beauty reaches its peak.
A young black woman, confident and bold,
In her Hidden Language, her story's told.

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