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Black Love is Power | Illustrated

Black Love is Power | Illustrated

In the illustration titled "Black Love is Power," a Black couple stands as a vibrant testament to resilience and unity. They embody the pride and strength represented by the colors black, green, and red.


Black symbolizes the depth of their heritage and the richness of their identity. Green signifies the land they cherish and the hope for a brighter future. Red represents the blood that courses through their veins, a reminder of the sacrifices made and the unyielding spirit that propels them forward.


Together, their love radiates as a powerful force, inspiring and empowering those around them.



Our posters are printed on photo quality 260gsm satin semi gloss paper using archival inks.

Size options:

18x24" Framed

11x17" Framed

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© This design is copyright by artist  Lakeem Wilson. You may not copy or reproduce this product. Although sharing is encouraged

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