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Sky Blue | Hidden Language

Sky Blue | Hidden Language

11" x 14"

Acrylic on Canvas


"Sky Blue", where the story's anew,  
A young black girl, with dreams breaking through.  
Her canvas ain't paper, it's the sky's hue,  
Hidden language in clouds, her message in view.  


Melanin magic, she's a star in the night,  
Radiant and bold, setting dreams alight.  
Against the vast canvas, where dreams are amassed,  
Her story unfolds, she's making it last.  


With eyes on the prize, she's ready to rise,  
Sky's the limit, no compromise.  
"Sky Blue" whispers tales, full of grace,  
Where the hidden language paints her space.  

So let's hail her, as she breaks through,  
In "Sky Blue", her canvas, her breakthrough.

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