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Green | Hidden Language

Green | Hidden Language

11" x 14"

Acrylic on Canvas


Listen up, y'all, to this piece, it's called "Green",
Where a young black boy's the flyest you've seen.
With a designer part, his haircut's on point,
In the Hidden Language, his story won't disappoint.


Green's his vibe, from head to toe,
With style so fresh, he's stealing the show.
Each line and curve tells a story so bold,
In the language of cuts, his tale's told.

Melanin poppin', he's a king in the street,
With a swagger so smooth, he can't be beat.

In this artwork, his journey's unveiled,
In the Hidden Language, his triumphs detailed.

So vibe to the rhythm, let the beat drop,
In "Green", he's reaching the top.
A young black boy, with dreams in his sight,
In his designer part, he's shining bright.

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