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Gold | Hidden Language

Gold | Hidden Language

11" x 14"

Acrylic on Canvas


Let's vibe to this piece, it's called "Gold",
With a black man rockin' locs, bold and untold.
His hair's like a crown, a work of art,
In the Hidden Language, he plays his part.


Gold's his aura, shining bright,
With locs so majestic, he's a stunning sight.
Each twist and turn tells a story unique,
In the language of locs, his journey speaks.


Melanin gleaming, he's a king in his own right,
With style so iconic, he takes flight.
In this artwork, his soul's unveiled,
In the Hidden Language, his essence hailed.


So vibe to the rhythm, let the beat unfold,
In "Gold", he's worth more than his weight in gold.
A black man with locs, his crown to claim,
In his glory, he lights up the game.

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