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Badu | Hidden Language

Badu | Hidden Language

11" x 14"

Acrylic on Canvas


Listen up, to this piece, it's called "Badu",
With Erykah in the spotlight, she's true blue.
Stylish braids, flowing free,
In the Hidden Language, she's poetry.


Badu's vibe, it's so divine,
With braids so fierce, she's one of a kind.
Each twist and turn tells a story untold,
In the language of braids, her wisdom unfolds.


Melanin glowing, she's a queen in her own right,
With style so iconic, she takes flight.
In this artwork, her soul's unveiled,
In the Hidden Language, her essence hailed.


So vibe to the rhythm, let the beat unfold,
In "Badu", she's worth more than gold.
With stylish braids, she's setting the stage,
In her glory, she's an icon for the age.

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